The Death Notes – In the Spider’s Web

Posted: 2010/10/23 in PharoahMoan Productions, Reviews

Obviously, anyone that is deeply involved in music has to admit that America is next to impossible to “break into.” We won’t go into the whole Corporate controlled jibber-jabber, but seriously, there is so much music we just don’t give a chance.

This band, The Death Notes, is one of those purest examples. Mind you, at this point, I only have a brand new single to judge by, but it makes me pause. When I am sent something with this verbiage: “Nottingham based alt rockers The Death Notes release their new single “In The Spiders Web” on December 13th. The download single is the band’s second release. The band’s sound has been compared to Sonic Youth, The Pixies & Siouxsie and the Banshees,” I have no choice but to pay close attention to what it sounds like, what it says, and just what it is.

Rarely, I have a chance to say that the PR spin wasn’t just a spin. It’s familiar in a way I don’t know. It’s a song I thought I had buried in my iTunes archive. No, it’s new. It’s European. It’s out in December, and I have already had the chance to hear it. Thankfully.

Be prepared America – the British are coming… back.

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